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Welcome to a transformative learning journey for forward-thinking leaders. Our live online training days offer a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, and explore how to drive organisational excellence and boost team performance. Designed for busy managers and leaders, our courses immerse you in inclusive leadership strategies, team empowerment tactics, well-being enhancement techniques, and ethical leadership principles aligned with sustainable growth. Join us to shape the future, champion diversity, and create thriving, sustainable organisations. Start your leadership evolution now.
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“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”
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Human Led Leadership Development
Positive Organisations
Building Inclusive Teams

ONLINE TRAINING DAY - Managing Leadership Stress & Burnout

A days training for the modern leader who is looking for ways to improve performance whilst regulating well-being. This intensive day is designed for the time poor individual who wants to maximise learning and support. Find out more by clicking the button.

26th JAN 2024: 10:30-17:30 CET/09:30 - 16:30 UK 

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Managing Leadership Stress & Burnout

Modern leaders are confronted with never-before-seen challenges. The evolving nature of leadership brings about increased levels of stress. It is imperative that we discover new approaches to regulating our wellbeing. Uncover the secrets to achieving optimal wellbeing for leadership by clicking the button below.

15th jan 2024: 11:30-13:00 CET/10:30-12:00 UK 

ONLINE training day Authentic Leadership

Leading with transparency: Embrace the power of modern leadership. In today's dynamic business landscape, it is essential to embody the qualities of an authentic leader. Discover how this transformative approach can revolutionize your purpose at work, foster stronger connections with your team, and ultimately enhance productivity and commitment. Click the button to delve deeper into this critical leadership skill.

08th aug 2024: 10-17:30 CET/09:00-16:30 UK 

ONLINE WORKSHOP -Creating a Neuro-inclusive team

Creating workspaces that empower everyone. As our understanding of brain functioning increases so does our awareness that traditional organisational environments aren't supportive of those who deviate from neurotypical. Your work family are unable to bring the best of themselves as their work environment only allows them to bring the worst of themselves. How can we change this? Click 'Grab your seat' to find out more and book on for the 90 minute workshop. 

19th FEB 2024: 10:30-12:00 CET/09:30 - 11:00 UK - 90 MIN

ONLINE TRAINING DAY - Creating a neuro-inclusive team 

Creating workspaces that empower everyone. A days training for those looking to truly understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by our neurodivergent colleagues. Find out more by clicking 'Grab your seat'.

06th march 2024: 10:oo - 17:00 CET/ 09:00-16:00 uk

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Building a Positive Organisation 

Covid, Inflation, The Great Resignation. The world is changing and people expect more from their employees and the world of business. This workshop introduces Positive Organisations.  A radical way to humanise the workplace so people buy in with hearts and minds. Find out more by clicking 'Grab your seat'.

15TH FEB 2024: 10:30 - 12:00 CET/09:30 - 11:00 UK - 90 MIN

ONLINE TRAINING DAY - Building a Positive Organisation

Spend a day exploring Positive Organisations. What are they? Why are they imperative to build for productive, resourceful and healthy teams? How do they impact health, performance and financial abundance? Find out more by clicking 'Grab your seat'  

01 mARCH 2024: 10:00 - 17:00 CET/ 09:00 -16:00 UK - 7 Hrs 

Frequently asked questions

Who is this training designed for? 

This training is tailored for managers and leaders who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills, promote inclusive practices, and drive positive change within their organizations. 

What format are the training sessions in?

The training sessions are conducted live online, allowing for real-time interaction, Q&A sessions, and collaborative activities. This provides a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Are the training sessions recorded for later viewing?

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and made available for participants to review at their convenience. This accommodates different time zones and schedules. Access is available for 90 days. 

Do I need any special software to participate?

All you need is a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) with a stable internet connection. We will provide access to the online platform where the sessions will take place.

What kind of certification will I receive upon completion? 

Upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of completion, highlighting the skills and knowledge gained during the program.

How interactive are the training sessions?

Our training sessions are highly interactive. You'll engage in discussions, group activities, and receive personalized feedback from instructors to ensure a practical and enriching learning experience.

What sets this training apart from other leadership programs?

Our training is not just about theory – it's about hands-on application. We focus on inclusive leadership, well-being strategies, and ethical principles aligned with sustainable growth, giving you a holistic skill set for modern leadership.

Is financial aid or payment plans available?

We understand the importance of accessibility. We offer flexible payment plans and occasional scholarship opportunities to ensure that deserving participants can benefit from our training. We also participate in a barter system and are open to a fair exchange of services. Drop a message @ 
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