Big challenges need committed people.

Making fierce and long last positive change to the world is our mission. Be the solution.

#1 People 

People are our priority. How can we support others to be the healthiest and most fulfilled versions of them selves? We support through education, training, and humanizing the way we work. 

#2 Planet 

There's no point trying to conquer the world if we have no world to live on.  We strive to leave the smallest footprint that we can on the planet. We invest in planet saving initiatives, reuse and recycle what we can and plant as many trees and wild flower meadows as possible.

#3 Profit

It's nice to have nice things right? It's even nicer to use profit for radical change! Our dirving force is to make as much profit as we can - so we can use that resources to do so much good you'd think we vomit rainbows.  It's important that we strive toward a high turnover so that we can build and grow our levels of support where it is truly needed. 

We all have a responsibility to be useful. For others and for the planet. What can you do today to positively change the world?

How we are doing our bit

Small steps create huge change 

Conscious Decisions

We look at smalls ways to reduce our footprint. Offsetting are online footprint and using phone and internet provider Honest Mobile to offset emissions

Clean Supply Chain

We actively work with individuals and organisations who are aligned with our passion to do good for the planet and people on it. Those who ensure fair pay, giving back and work hard to leave the smallest footprint. 

Supporting Change Makers

We believe the world is in desperate need of radical change - something difficult to do that takes passion and grit. We offer free Change Talks where leaders can meet to discuss the pressing issues that are impacting the world and their ability to act. We're stronger together. 

5% Giving Back 

We give 5% of our net profit to charities and environmental causes. Money is to be shared for the greater good of all.  We're still a small business, as we grow so will our giving. 

Feeding Folk

Each month we purchase meals for vulnerable members of our society. OAP's, Children, Individuals and families on the breadline. We believe in leading with humanity. 

Planting Trees & Supporting Sustainability Projects 

We work hard not to leave a footprint. Monthly we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees, offsetting Co2 and investing in sustainability projects. When a client works with us we also offset their footprint from working with us. Currently we are in the process of mobilising our platform to plant a tree for each video watched, course completed or 1 - 2 -1 taken. 

Trees Planted

Meals Purchased for Vulnerable Families & OAP's

Tonnes Co2 Offset
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