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I'm Lucienne, the founder of E&F. I want to warmly welcome you into the family. Myself, and the team are so glad you're here.

E&F was founded on the belief that organisations can and should be spaces that support human development and holistic well-being. Spaces full of meaning, productivity and profitability. We believe that when work-spaces are humanised magic happens. So here we are, supporting the positive deviants, change makers and hopeful leaders on their mission to build work spaces fit for an uncertain future.
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our story

Picture a workplace that, on the surface ticked all the boxes: supportive, inclusive, and dedicated to nurturing growth. For years, I taught business skills for a respected UK charity that promoted these values, while simultaneously grappling with the challenges of severe OCD. Throughout this time I found out that what can look like amazing support on paper held a more complex reality.

In this environment, I faced not so subtle threats to my job security and endured offhand remarks about my well-being. The values that were supposed to be woven into the fabric of this space felt like nothing more than a tick box exercise.  Yet, I pressed forward, turning up each day, doing my job, meeting targets, and masking my struggles. Doing everything I could to appear ‘normal’ was draining and making me ill. By the evening I was barely able to function. I gave everything I could to that workplace as sadly I was so grateful that they hadn’t sacked me for being ‘crazy’ that I was desperate to impress. I got sicker and sicker for them while they did nothing to support me, even when I begged for understanding.I was to ill too realise how well I was doing or recognise that the reason the organisation got the worst of me, was because they wouldn’t allow me to bring the best of me.

Eventually, I l moved on and began teaching and coaching in a consultant capacity. It was here that everything fell into place. I saw that business could be conducted differently, with a focus on the human aspect. Within forward-thinking organisations, I witnessed the transformational power of individuals who embraced authenticity. These workplaces celebrated vulnerability, recognized personal challenges, and cultivated a strong sense of belonging. In the past, I had done what was necessary to keep my job, feeling compelled to hide my true self. Yet, as I ventured into new spaces, I realised I wanted to be part of a change. I wanted to create spaces where everyone could thrive and bring their whole selves to work.

Armed with over a decade of experience in business startups, facilitation, and coaching, I deepened my knowledge. I earned a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, specialising in organisational psychology and the neuroscience of well-being. I dove into community-based trauma training and resilience education, preparing for a new beginning.

My mission was clear: to change the landscape of work, one meeting room at a time. Supporting the human, not just the work-bot.

I set up Ebb & Flow Global and began working with ethical businesses eager to redefine work culture, transform their leadership and create healthy and productive spaces where teams were celebrated on their strengths and managers realised the power of their leadership. Exploring the profound impact of human-led leadership development, the power of inclusive cultures, and the significance of holistic team well-being. Understanding that thriving workspaces are carefully crafted, not left to chance. I realised work could be whatever I wanted and so the focus is on the triple bottom line of people – planet – and profit. Our support is carbon neutral, investing in renewable initiatives, developing community support training and trying to use business as a vehicle for positive change.

Now, I find myself, supported, hopeful, and free to be my true self. In my personal life, I cherish moments with my husband and our four incredible children. Skateboarding brings me joy, and I'm honoured to contribute to children's well-being through my work with the UK charity, Bounce Forward. I continue to find joy and meaning in my work, and I am more determined then every to reshape business culture and build thriving, productive workspaces where authenticity is celebrated, challenges are embraced, and everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

What's best for the human, is what's best for business.
everyone is different

Our outstanding team 


Emma, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner at the Tataruga Clinic, is dedicated to lifestyle medicine. With a diverse background in emergency care, occupational health, and maritime support, she brings a wealth of experience to her work. Emma is passionate about holistic and lifestyle education, offering coaching and well-being training to empower individuals in taking control of their health and life.

In her spare time Emma can be found excelling at hockey,  messing in the water or spending time on a boat with her three boisterous  boys.

Beth Arnott

Beth has a lengthy and impressive back ground in education and programme development. Beth combines her love for education with her subject field of Geography and it's impact on emotions, organisations and development to give our courses a unique edge. 
Beth has a Msc in Geography, is a qualified life coach.

When away from E&F she can be found lecturing at her local university or exploring the wonders of the NZ outback with her 3 small and energetic sons. 


With 22 years of service in the RAF, Chris is a military veteran who has experienced active duty in various conflict zones. Adding resilience and grit to E&F programs, his expertise lies in communications, recruitment, and training. Chris's diverse skill set makes him a valuable member of the E&F family.

In his spare time Chris can be found doing anything sporty! Dedicated to Cross fit and outdoors living he is usually with his children keeping active and having fun.

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