Positive Organisations

Building organisations for well-being and performance workshop

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Positive Organisations:
3 hour Workshop

Do what you've always done - get what you've always got. It's impossible to build organisations fit for the future if you're working in the traditional business structure. Historically organisations have led through a production line efficiency, viewing teams members as a cog in a overarching machine. The role is to turn up, do the job and then leave. A workbot. As humanity is left at the door, organisations have continuously battled with ever increasing absenteeism and presenteeism and a depleted and un-engaged work force costing the UK economy £53-56 billion in 2020/21. Deloitte  The biggest portion of this coming from presenteeism. (coming into work when we're not feeling our best, then not performing well) For business to thrive, we need to reimagine the way we see and do business. This training day introduces Positive Organisations, how we can build businesses that are designed around human flourishing. Creating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to work and ditch the workbot. How we can build spaces for increased productivity, social consciousness and an environment of safety and belonging, where people can bring their whole identity to work, which converts to increased business success and overall financial health. (Plus we just think its imperative peoples wellbeing and potential to be at the heart of all that organisations do)!

This days training is designed to give you the background, understanding and tools to build a team or business in a way that supports individual and collective thriving. 

Learning Outcome

This 90 minute live workshop is designed to introduce you to a new way of 'doing' business. The intention is to help you build a productive, connected and healthy organisation where progress happens. 

 Understand what a Positive Organisation is
 Explore your current organisational/leadership dynamic - is it working?
 Understand the benefits of positive organisations and how they boost a 'hearts & minds' culture
 Strengthen the link between - people - performance - profit
 Walk away for an overview of where you can start making change - with actionable steps

Whats included?

  • Learning Platform & App Access
  • Additional Learning Resources
  • Session Recording


Got Questions? Need help getting access in your school? interested in multiple or group bookings? Send an email here with subject 'Positive Organisation Workshop'

02ND SEPT 2024 @ 10:00 - 12:00 CET/ 09:00-11:00 UK  - 03 HOURS

Course Review

“We engaged E&F to deliver wellness webinars to our staff over the lockdown period, and overwhelmingly the feedback was so very positive. Lucie is engaging, compassionate, and insightful and offered some simple, memorable, practical tips to really assist our staff, like how to move from a fixed to growth mindset, stress-busting techniques and managing overwhelm. I would highly recommend Lucie. She is one of those super kind and lovely human beings that you want to be around.”
Kristy Chong
CEO & Founder Modibodi
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