Authentic Leadership

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embrace a new era of leadership:

In today's world, leaders face unprecedented challenges. Climate anxiety, cost of living crisis, fuel poverty, and global uncertainty have left many people feeling stressed, uncertain, and exhausted. This reality is evident in our homes, communities, and workplaces. As leaders, it's our responsibility to build strong, cohesive teams, but traditional business practices aren't always effective in this new landscape.


Our one-day Authentic Leadership course is designed to help you navigate these challenges with confidence and compassion. Learn how to:
  • Lead with human connection and well-being in mind
  • Foster meaningful relationships with your team members
  • Create a culture of trust, ownership, and commitment
  • Enhance productivity through genuine engagement
  • Dispel the myth that authenticity is a soft approach—it is a critical business skill

the current situation

A recent 10 year study (Wolf Study) found that employees are 60% more likely to develop heart disease if they have a difficult relationship with their boss. Additionally a recent Gallup survey found that only 25% of workers strongly agreed that their boss cared about their wellbeing. These alarming statistics reflects the need for a new approach to leadership that prioritizes employee well-being and commitment.

course benefits

By enrolling in our course, you will gain:
Understanding of the link between leadership, well-being and performance
Insights into the true power of authenticity in leadership
Tools to improve team engagement and productivity
A deeper understanding of how to cultivate a supportive work environment


05th Aug 2024 @ 10:00 - 17:30 CET - 09:00 - 16:30 UK  

ONLINE (£487

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What our students say

What I like in particular is the conversational delivery style and Lucie's ability to bring her audience into the discussions through reflection on their own personal experiences.

Tony Altham
The Business Networking Coach

The combination of theory, practical exercise; and follow up was perfect. Lucie was GREAT ! I’M happy to have had the opportunity to learn from her experience.

Geranda Mulla
HR Talent development  NATO (NCIA)

The training was very well delivered. Lucie was spot on and the content was great. Everybody was very happy with the training and it was worthwhile.

Jane Fitzpatrick

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