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Supporting curious, hopeful and busy people explore their purpose, learn life enhancing skills and rediscover the everyday magic that makes a fulfiled life.

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What is the fulfilment club?

The #1 space for individuals seeking to reclaim well-being, enhance their personal skills  and uncover their purpose.
Welcome to The Fulfilment Club, where personal growth, leadership skills and community support meet. In a world where time is precious, seeking support for our growth can feel overwhelming. That's why we've created an inclusive space that combines support, training, and community to help you thrive and rediscover what matters most.

Our mission is simple: to make leadership and holistic well-being skills accessible to all. By integrating these skills into our lives, we enhance our well-being, find meaning in our careers, and deepen our relationships with loved ones.

Through our subscription, you'll have access to a variety of resources including micro-courses, workshops, and community support covering topics such as communication, resilience, and finding joy. Our aim is to empower you to develop the skills, vision, and confidence needed to thrive in every aspect of your life.

Life is a journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Join us at The Fulfilment Club and let's grow together.

Create what you need

I'm Lucie—a neuro-divergent mother of four and military wife who understands firsthand the exhausting challange of navigating work, mental health, parenting, relationships, and societal expectations. A few years ago, in a country that wasn't my own I felt alone and overwhelmed. I longed for a supportive space where I could connect with others on a similar journey—a space to prioritise mental health, personal development, and rediscover everyday magic amidst life's chaos.Unable to find what I needed, I decided to create it myself.

Combining 15 years of experience in business education, childrens mental health, leadership development  & psychological fitness  with my MSc in positive psychology and training in meditation,  NLP, EFT and trauma training, I crafted a space where individuals can thrive, not just survive.

The Fulfilment Club offers a diverse range of resources tailored to those navigating life's messy middle. Whether you're seeking parenting support, honing communication skills, or developing leadership skills to improve personal outcomes, our community provides the tools and support you need to become the most authentic and aligned version of yourself.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Together lets rediscover the joy of a fulfilled life.
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The Science of living well

Rooted in the latest neuroscience & positive psychology, the Fulfilment Club offers evidence based workshops, training and resources through a flexible subscription.


Unlimited access & thoughtful design

24 hour access to community, resources and workshops, designed to empower those trying to balance it all. From joining our signature 'Cultivating Joy' programme, accessing leadership skills development to joining a walking challenge to boost healthy aging there is something here just for YOU.


Quarterly Courses

Whether you want to develop your parenting skills, explore flourishing or develop assertive leadership skills. Each quarter you can access thoughtfully chosen micro courses designed to teach practical, evidence based skills to reduce the pressure of modern living and elevate your lifestyle.


Interactive sessions

We are a community focused on connection.  Our Club is infused wth regular challenges, talks, workshops and q&a sessions designed to keep us connected.

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Let’s make progress together

We believe in leaving the world in a better place then we found it. All training is carbon neutral and we invest in environmental and sustainability projects.
Education should be accessible for all, not just those who can afford it. Fairly priced training that gives back. Each subscription sold purchases another for individuals typically unable to access well-being and personal development support. 
Our support is evidence based and designed on the latest research. All support is neuro-inclusive and trauma informed. We believe in developing the support suitable for ALL.

How it all works 

  • Join the CLUB THROUGH A 'suits you' SUBSCRIPTION

    Use the app access to develop your own path to Fulfilment. Choose which webinars, resources or micro training on a range of life enhancing topics you want to explore.  Some topics include;

    • What the heck is PERMA
    • Leadership skills for personal development
    • The science of cultivating joy
    • Psychological Fitness
    • Parenting support 
    • Assertive Communication
    • Beliefs and a growth mindset for positive change
    • Community resilience skills
    • Finding your purpose

  • Join our signature 'cultivating joy' programme

    Our immersive 12 week programme is rooted in the neurosceince of well-being and positive psychology. Designed to help you re-discover your joy, increase happiness, build community and manage well-being. Combining the latest research, practical steps and community building to move from thriving to flourishing.

Course reviews

Lucie creates a warm and comfortable space that has allowed me to be really open about my life, my future and the spaces that I want to move into. She has helped me through a massive life transition and provides the tools to allow me to make the best decisions that I can for myself. Furthermore, her sessions have allowed me to connect with and learn from other like minded and exceptional individuals. It's a community that I will be staying a part of!

Charlie Guest OLY  2x Olympian  Athlete/Student

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Who's the Fulfilment Club for?

Your online community

For Organisations

Supporting your teams to thrive in life, not just the work-place. Buying bulks seats is an excellent way to offer holistic support to your full team.

Unique Learning Paths

Members can take what they need.  Accessing pre-recorded session on really useful topics,  signing up for micro-courses or engaging in group activities. Members craft a individualised path to their own fulfilment.

For Individuals

Disconnected from your tribe, solo parenting, feeling stuck on the hamster-wheel, looking to grow or just wanting something for yourself? The Fulfilment Club is just what you need. 

For All

Education, learning and support should be accessible to everyone. Scholarships & community - focused training available for those who need it, when they need it.


Rolling Contract
Billed monthly  (7 days free trail)
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Billed annually - Save 25% (7 days free trail)


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Frequently asked questions

How does the subscription model work?

Our subscription model operates on a "buy one, give one" basis. For every subscription purchased, another is provided to individuals who typically lack access to educational support.

Can I choose who receives the free subscription provided with my purchase?

At this time, we distribute the free subscriptions to individuals in need through partnerships with organizations and communities that focus on education and accessibility. If you have an organisation you would like to nominate, drop us a line.

Is there a trial period available for the subscription?

Yes. You can access a 7 day free trail.
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