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Supporting today's ethical organisations build the robust work-spaces of the future.

Education, training and skills development designed to support human development and business growth

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Training for Change Makers, Innovators, Responsible Businesses & Those Who Dare to Lead

You aim to do real good in the world and create positive change. You want yourself, your team – and your organisation – to thrive.

We’ll help you and your people integrate life and work, using science-backed, evidence-based tools to help the WHOLE organisation regulate stress and improve wellbeing. Management can access human led leadership development training to build spaces for everyone to thrive.  Helping you build a better tomorrow.

Benefits of our Training Programmes

Human driven training for fast paced, mission driven & high performance organisations.
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Not just training for trainings sake

Accessible training and resources designed to look after the human, not just the work bot. Our training is delivered online (unless requested face to face) and all materials, sessions and expert chats can be accessed 24/7 via
 the platform and app. 
All our training is Neuro-divergent & trauma informed

Designed to support the hybrid world.


When organisations change the way they do business, become more connected and human, creating working environments where people feel good;.
It creates a wave of wellbeing.
Teams feel supported & in control. More confident, committed & productive, both at home and in the workplace.

Our training and bespoke services tactically supports both the team needs, and  strategic organisational goals.


We believe all organisations have the power to do great things for the world around us and the people in it. We all share the responsibility of operating in a people & planet-friendly way.

We chose to work with mission driven organisations focused on building a better tomorrow. 

All our training is carbon neutral and we give back to local and global communities via pro bono training and charitable donations. 
Live sessions for everyone

We've got the answers!

Change Talks
Human Led Leadership Development
Positive Organisations
Supporting Neurodivergent Teams
Bespoke Support
14th OCT 2022 @ 11:00 CET - 10:00 UK - 60 MIN - FREE

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Managing Leadership Stress & Burnout

As leaders we have to be everyone and everything to everybody. Leaving us tired, overwhelmed and eventually unwell. This ERT is designed to explore as a group the beliefs that are keeping us trapped in a stress cycle, and to give deeper understanding to the importance of leadership ‘being’ over ‘doing’ for our own self preservation and the wellbeing of the team. 
16th dec 2022 @ 10:30 CET - 09:30 UK - - 7 HRS SESSION

ONLINE TRAINING DAY - Managing Leadership Stress & Burnout

A days training for the modern leader who is looking for ways to improve performance whilst regulating wellbeing. This intensive day is designed for the time poor individual who wants to maximise learning and support. Find out more by clicking the button.
09th DEC 2022 @ 11:30 CET - 10:30 UK  - 90 MINS

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Managing Leadership Stress & Burnout

Modern leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges. As the role of 'leader' shifts and grows, so does the accompanying level of stress. New ways of regulating wellbeing are necessary. Find out more about optimal wellbeing for leadership by clicking the button.
21rd SEP 2022 @ 10:30 CET - 09:30 UK  - 90 MINS

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Understanding Authentic Leadership

Leading with transparency. Modern business needs modern leaders. Explore Authentic leadership and how it can revolutionise your purpose at work, your connection with your team and increase productivity and commitment. Find out more about this critical leadership skill by clicking the button.
10th JAN 2023 @ 11:30 CET - 10:30 UK - 08:30 CST - 90 MIN

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Supporting your Neurodiverse team 

Creating workspaces that empower everyone. As our understanding of brain functioning increases so does our awareness that traditional organisational environments aren't supportive of those who deviate from neurotypical. Your work family are unable to bring the best of themselves as their work environment only allows them to bring the worst of themselves. How can we change this? Click 'Grab your seat' to find out more and book on for the 90 minute workshop. 
19th JAN 2023 @ 10:00 CET - 09:00 UK - - 7 Hrs

ONLINE TRAINING DAY - Supporting your Neurodiverse Team

Creating workspaces that empower everyone. A days training for those looking to truly understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by our neurodivergent colleagues. Find out more by clicking 'Grab your seat'.

Book a Call 

Thriving organisations have a flourishing culture. If you are looking for ways to support staff and business growth from the foundations up, book a 1-2-1 and we can explore your situation. 
22ND JAN 2023 @ 10:00 CET - 09:00 UK  - 90 MIN

ONLINE WORKSHOP - Building a Positive Organisation 

Covid, Inflation, The Great Resignation. The world is changing and people expect more from their employees and the world of business. This workshop introduces Positive Organisations.  A radical way to humanise the workplace so people buy in with hearts and minds. Find out more by clicking 'Grab your seat'.
2ND FEB 2022 @ 09:00 UK - 08:00 CET - 7 Hrs 

ONLINE TRAINING DAY - Building a Positive Organisation

Spend a day exploring Positive Organisations. What are they? Why are they imperative to build for productive, resourceful and healthy teams? How do they impact health, performance and financial abundance? Find out more by clicking 'Grab your seat'  

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“I would highly recommend Ebb and Flow to any company across all industries. I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable. They always tailored the sessions and material provided to help in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the individual. The team benefitted a lot from the advice and guidance of Ebb and Flow.”
Caroline Hanckock
Adelphi Values Patient Centred Outcomes
“We engaged E&F to deliver wellness webinars to our staff over the lockdown period, and overwhelmingly the feedback was so very positive. Lucie is engaging, compassionate, and insightful and offered some simple, memorable, practical tips to really assist our staff, like how to move from a fixed to growth mindset, stress-busting techniques and managing overwhelm. I would highly recommend Lucie. She is one of those super kind and lovely human beings that you want to be around.”
Kristy Chong
Founder and CEO, Modibodi
E&F's knowledge and content fit perfectly with the changing environment for managers. With clearly researched topics with the material presented in a very scientific and engaging way. Lucienne is an excellent facilitator, and her materials are available to employees online or even through your mobile phone, which provides freedom to learn wherever you are. I would highly recommend Lucienne, and Ebb and Flows training to all companies looking to support their employees in the modern world
Meryl Manning
Learning & Development Lead, Ecobee

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