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Unlocking Neurodiversity: Transforming Work-spaces for Empowerment 

Discover the Power of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In today's evolving world, understanding the intricacies of brain functioning has unveiled the need for more inclusive work environments. Traditional organizational settings often hinder those who deviate from neurotypical norms, preventing individuals from showcasing their true potential. At [Your Company Name], we're committed to changing this narrative.

Training for Inclusivity

Our immersive training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to foster neurodiversity in your workplace. We start at the foundation, exploring what neurodivergence is and why it's crucial to acknowledge it. Our goal is to help you understand the impact of traditional business structures on neurodiverse individuals and empower you to make positive changes.

Building Neuro-Inclusive Spaces

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive at work. Our training dives deep into strategies for creating neuro-inclusive spaces where every team member can be happy, engaged, and productive. We'll provide you with practical insights and techniques to transform your workplace culture.

Fostering Relationships and Authenticity

Ultimately, our mission is to help you build meaningful relationships and spaces where each person can bring their best selves to work. By embracing neurodiversity, you'll tap into a wealth of unique perspectives and talents that can drive innovation and success.Join us on this transformative journey towards a more inclusive, empowered, and productive workspace.

Ready to make a change? Unlock the full potential of your workforce by enrolling in our Neurodiversity Training Program today. Together, we can create workspaces that empower everyone to be their best selves.

This training is for you if;

You're keen to understand why traditional work environments can be challenging for neurodiverse people
 You want to support your full team but you don't know where to start
 You have lots of questions around the topic but you don't know how to ask them
 How to create calm environments where everyone can excel
 You're looking for new ways in supporting the inclusive hybrid team
 You care about understanding how we 'all' work so that  everyone is supported
 You want to build a space for innovation, creativity, positive risk taking and out of the box thinking 
 You're keen to explore optimal human functioning

Learning outcomes;

This training day is designed to reduce overwhelm and time stressors. Practical education and strategies that you can implement strategies immediately to help understand and support your full team whilst creating a space where all can thrive. By the end of the day you will be able to;
 Understand the difference between neurodiverse and neurotypical
 Recognise the importance of a neuroinclusive spaces
 Appreciate stress and the ND brain, in relation to working environments 
 Overcome unhelpful beliefs about your ability to fully support your team
Recognise and work with the subtleties of language for some ND people
 Explore, emails, meetings, communications and feedback for ND individuals - how can we create space for doing well?
 Take home a blue print of how you can begin making small supportive steps that will have a huge impact for your team

Whats included?

  • Condensed learning over 1 day so that you can manage limited time effectively
  • Access to learning platform and app
  • Learning resources
  • Certificate of completion and LinkedIn badge
  • Email Q&A support for the month following training
key topics

your training explained

Understanding Neurodiversity
You will be able to;

  •  Define neurodiversity and its role in  the  workplace
  •  Recognize the value of neurodiversity in fostering innovation and diversity of thought.

Recognising and Nurturing Neurodiverse Teams
You will be able to;

  • Recognise the challanges ND individuals may face in the workplace.
  • Understand the role of enviroment-based stress on performance and health.

Practical Strategies for building Neuroinclusive spaces
You will be able to;

  • Understand how in house, hybrid and online working can impact performance for ND collegues.
  • Develop practical spaces for calm and productivity.

Why Neurodiversity Matters
You will be able to;

  • Understand the impact of neuroinclusive spaces on health.
  •  Discuss the impact of neurodiversity on team dynamics and problem-solving.

Building a Neuroinclusive Culture
You will be able to;

  • Develop strategies for building an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Explore the role of leadership in setting the right tone.
  • Discuss the importance of peer support and mentoring.

Strengthening Relationships and Encouraging AuthenticityYou will be able to;

  • Address common communication challanges in diverse teams.
  • Learn effective inclusive communication techniques.



Got Questions? Need help getting access in your school? Interested in group sessions or block bookings?  Drop an email here with subject 'Neurodivergent Teams Training Day' 

06th march 2024 @ 10:00-`17:30 cet/09:00-16:30 uk

Course Reviews

I attended one of Ebb & Flow’s workshops on managing resilience and found it to be super useful and engaging. There was so much science and real-life examples in the advice given along with practical tools I started to put into practice straight away. Some of it I knew already but it still served as a much-needed reminder and I noticed that because of the session I was putting strategies into practice that I had long got out of the habit of doing. A right good kick up the bum.

Kate Clarke - Marketing
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