Understanding & Supporting your Neurodiverse team

Creating spaces that work for everyone. As our understanding of brain functioning increases  so does our awareness that traditional organisational environments don't support a high percentage of our work force to thrive. 

This 90 minute session sheds lights onto neurodivergence, what is it,  why we need to examine working conditions so we can optimise  our hybrid working environments to support everyone's ability to thrive. 

Included- 90 minute workshop- Platform & App Access- Session Recording (via platform & in your inbox!) - Additional Learning Resources
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Course contents

Meet the instructor

Lucienne Miller

Lucienne Founded Ebb & Flow Global to positively disrupt archaic business systems and support future focused organisations look after their teams and build spaces where people can thrive. Using positive organisational psychology, neuroscience, psychological fitness and business strategy Lucie and her team deliver training to support business objectives, positive culture and humans - not workbots.
When not working you can find Lucie messing about with her husband & 4 children, studying for her MAPP or skateboarding with friends. 
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