Supporting Your Neurodiverse Team 

Helping your WHOLE organisation to thrive 

(Designed & delivered by a neurodiverse team)
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Neurodivergent Teams:
90 Minute Workshop

Creating workspaces that empower everyone. As our understanding of brain functioning increases so does our awareness that traditional organisational environments aren't supportive of those who deviate from neurotypical. Your work family are unable to bring the best of themselves as their work environment only allows them to bring the worst of themselves. How can we change this?
This 90 minute workshops puts you on the path to understanding neurodivergence and its role in the workforce. Starting at the beginning we explore what neurodivergence is, why it is critical to acknowledge and make space for it and how to design work environments that support the whole spectrum of mental functioning so that EVERYONE can flourish.

What is Neurodiversity and why does it matter?

 Understand the difference between neurotypical and neurodivergent
 Recognising differences as strengths
 Begin to understand stress and the neurodivergent brain
 How are traditional business environments creating unnecessary stress and overwhelm?
 Looking ahead to building inclusive spaces

Whats included?

  • 90 minute immersive training
  • Additional learning materials & resources
  • Platform & app access
  • Session Recording
10th JAN 2023 @ 09:00 UK  10:00 CET  - 90 mins


Got Questions? Need help getting access in your school? Interested in multiple or group bookings? Send an email here with subject 'Supporting your neurodiverse team workshop'

Course Reviews

I found all aspects of the course to be very beneficial. Ebb & Flows slides, workbook materials and delivery were engaging and clear. What I like in particular is the conversational delivery style and Lucies ability to bring her audience into the discussions through reflection on their own personal experiences and challenges. As a speaker, coach and trainer myself, I appreciate her expertise and passion for helping and empowering others to be the best they can be and I will be working with them again soon
Tony Altham 
Connector, Trainer, Speaker and Mentor

The Business Networking Coach
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